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10 Strategies to Accelerate Your Service Provider Engagement Success

Service Partners

The key strategic question that is foremost on the minds of channel partners is no longer whether to build a cloud services model, but how quickly to build it.

Technology vendors need to enable this important shift in the channel business model; vendors have no choice either, as they seek to build long-term differentiation and partner loyalty in a complex landscape.

Upstream or Downstream? Don’t Let Your Service Provider Model Go Adrift

KBose UpstreamDownstream

Technology vendors face many challenges when navigating the various service provider (SP) models in the cloud and identifying the best partnership bets, as I explored in my last blog.

The next logical question is, so how do we build the right go-to-market (GTM) framework to engage our service provider partners successfully?

How to Ensure Your Sales Channels Don’t Get Lost in the Clouds

Cloud Business Models ZS Associates

The IT forecast for the foreseeable future is very "cloudy" indeed—and it’s driving some tectonic changes in the go-to-market (GTM) terrain. The business case for the cloud is well established: ITaaS adoption is proliferating, but it still leaves the dilemma for both technology vendors and channel partners of how they should change their GTM strategy and partnerships when faced with fundamental business model changes.

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